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Newborn Nappy Kit

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Newborn Nappy kit - Reusable

If your baby is a little small for your fitted, pocket or birth to potty nappies (premature or under 7-9lbs), but you are keen to get going with reusable nappies - muslins are a perfect super cheap way to start.

Many two part nappies or sized nappies will be too big for tiny babies or premature babies but that doesn't mean you have to use disposable nappies. One of the great things about modern cloth nappies is their flexibility!

Our newborn reusable nappy wraps are perfect to use with muslins as a starter kit for extra small babies. As your baby grows you can then move on to our super absorbent two part bamboo nappies for full time or night time use.

Muslins will last between 2- 2.5hrs before needing to be changed, perfect for newborn baby schedules of sleeping and feeding.

They are excellent value for money. Once you have finished using muslins as nappies they can be used as burp cloths, comfort blankets, bibs, cleaning wipes and will keep going for years and can be used again if you go on to have more children.


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To turn muslin squares into small nappies, follow the Jo fold.

  1. Lay flat on the floor
  2. Fold the four corners into the centre to form a diamond
  3. Fold in three - trifold - outer to centre them outer to overlap to create a pad
  4. Open the back out to form wings
  5. Lay a fleece liner and extra booster if needed
  6. Lay baby on top
  7. Pull the front up between the legs, turning the edges in as you go to create a cuff
  8. Pull the wings up and round to the front
  9. Attach a nappy nippa from one hip, to the other then hook down the front of the nappy to form a T shape.
  10. Cover with a waterproof wrap
  11. For added absorbency use two muslins or lay a booster under your liner.

Reusable Newborn Nappy Kit 


  • nappy wraps - one size fits all with three rise settings (choose the smallest for tiny newborn size babies)
  • 24 x 100% cotton muslin squares 70 x 70 cms
  • Pack of 10 stay dry fleece liners 
  • Pack of 3 Nappi Nippas to secure the nappy 
  • 1 XL nappy bag for storage

For more information on our Nappies, visit our FAQs.

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