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Ultimate Reusable Nappies and Wipes Kit

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Reusable Nappies & Reusable Wipes Kit

If you're thinking of using reusable nappies and reusable wipes, this great value bundle covers both day and night nappies and changes and saves over £60 on the cost of buying individually.

Our Ultimate reusable nappy changing kit includes:

For more information on our Nappies, visit our FAQs.

This kit includes everything you need to cover birth to potty training nappy changes. Our bamboo night nappies are sized for super absorbency overnight and are perfect for heavy wetters.

We'd recommend going for the size 2 options and simply using pocket nappies for both day and night time usage until your baby grows to fit the size 2 fitted two part nappies.

The pocket nappies are easily adjusted as a newborn cloth nappy and are easy to use, with adjustable poppers. These are great nappies for a newborn!

We've included an XL wet bag which replaces the need for a traditional nappy bucket and takes up much less space!

How many reusable nappies do I need?

How many reusable nappies you'll need depends on:

  • how often your baby poos
  • your washing and drying facilities
  • type of nappy (birth to potty nappies or sized)
  • if you're using modern cloth nappies full time or part time
  • how many children you have in washable nappies


This kit comes with 16 pocket nappies which are suitable from newborn to potty training. In addition, we've included 3 bamboo two part nappies and a wrap. These can be used during the day but come into their own as a night nappy or for long car journeys etc.

Assuming that you wash every other day and have just one baby in nappies, this should be sufficient for your needs.

How often your baby poos

Some babies (especially newborn) poo 10 times a day. Some breastfed babies poo once every three weeks. Both are 'normal'. But this impacts how often your baby will need changing and obviously the more often they poo, the more nappies you'll need.

Your washing and drying facilities

We recommend that you wash your cloth nappies every other day. Washing more often increases 'rub' wear and tear from your washing machine and can impact the longevity of your nappies. Washing less frequently can lead to ammonia build up burning through your nappies. Every other day is the sweet spot!

Type of nappy

Some nappies are suitable from birth to potty, such as our pocket nappies. However others are sized which makes them slimline yet still super absorbent such as our bamboo two part nappies. This kit contains both fro the best of both worlds.

If you're using modern cloth nappies full time or part time

Obviously if you're only using cloth nappies part time, you'll need less of them. Some parents find that they only use reusables at night. Some parents do a bit of disposable nappies and a bit of reusables, depending on their childcare arrangements.

How many children you have in washable nappies

Our assumption that 19 nappies is sufficient is based on one child in nappies. If you have two children in nappies you'll need more. You may not need double the amount however, especially if they're both using birth to potty nappies. From experience, when I had two children in nappies with an 18 month age gap, I just added an extra 10 reusable nappies into my stash and that was fine.

Need more help or got questions?  Drop us a line - we love to chat pee, poo and periods!

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