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Heavy periods ruining your life? We may have a solution.

The best period pants & reusable pads for heavy flow, clots and flooding

Inside: Do you suffer from endometriosis, or heavy periods with clots or flooding? Customers tell us that our period pants & reusable pads are literally life-changing

Urgh.  We feel your pain.  If you suffer (and it IS sufferance) with heavy periods, it can be absolutely rubbish.  We've been there. 

Tossing and turning, worrying that you'll bleed through onto your bedclothes and wake up in a bloodbath.

Or waking up first thing and realising that you need to crawl to the toilet in case blood runs all down your legs. 

Standing up and being aware that you've passed a clot, or flooding your pad.

Having to 'double up' on period protection, either tampon and pad, or double pads.

Not being able to do sports or activities in case you leak through your protection.

The struggle is real.  We get it. 

Cheeky Pants aren't just a faceless corporate business.  We're a mostly female team who have to deal with this crap every single month.That's why our period pants/period-pants-uk.html and pads actually work, even for the heaviest of periods.

We've been making and educating people about 'Simple Reusables' for the last 13 years and whilst it's great to see that so many High St & Supermarket brands are now jumping on the reusables bandwagon, our expertise means that our products are better and we've got the customer service to back it up.  And if you think we're bragging, we're not - read our 5 Star Trustpilot reviews which speak for themselves.

Period pants with absorbency to front and rear waistband as standard - perfect for heavy flow

Lots of period pants brands only have protection in the gusset of their knickers. However, our customers told us that this wasn't good enough, you wanted protection to the front and rear waistband of your knickers so that you could sleep soundly. That's why most of our pants (with the exception of Cosy Shorts and Limitless Thong) have got this protection as standard.

I got some period pants and they are great. They are comfortable...hold so much blood and I haven’t had any leaks. I was wearing 12 hours  days, 24hours on the lighter days at the end. They are so much more convenient than disposable pads. August 2021

Period Pants with extra absorbency - for the heaviest of periods

For those of you with really heavy periods, we also have a couple of period pants options which have an extra absorbent layer which makes them brilliant if you work shifts etc and would find it difficult to change your knickers mid-shift on those extra heavy days.  Not because you necessarily need to change but because you want to feel fresh yourself.

High-Waisted Extra Asorbency Period Pants for Heavy Flow

Our 'Feeling Fearless' are the same design as our popular 'Comfy' High-waisted period pants, however they have an extra layer of protection making 5 layers in total, perfect for even the heaviest periods.

If you don't fancy a high-waisted style such as these or are looking for period pants for your teen or tween with heavy periods, then our 'Sporty' cotton bikini style knickers also come in an extra absorbency option for heavy flow.

Cotton Extra Absorbency Period Pants - for Heavy Periods

'I was a bit hesitant about these but OMG it has changed my life. I’m so much more comfortable and happier on my periods, I cannot believe the quality, I have never leaked through (even on heavy days) and always dry. Never going back to pads and tampons I’m so happy 'Jessica, July 2021

Reusable Sanitary Pads - for the heaviest periods

We know that some of your have THE most horrendous periods and wearing double maxi pads is a thing. Which is pretty grim, as wearing one maxi pad alone is like wearing a nappy, never mind two.

So if you've got REALLY heavy periods, we think a combo of pants and pads will work best for you - and that's based on our personal experience.  It's just so much easier to whip out a pad at lunchtime and then just wear your period pants for the remainder of the day.

Charcoal Bamboo Night Pad for Heavy Periods Clots & flooding

That's where our bamboo / charcoal reusable pads come into their own.  They come in liner, day pad or night pad, but if your periods are at the top end of the scale, then bamboo / charcoal day or night pads are your best bet.

They are really absorbent so they're perfect for really heavy periods.  Here's what customers have to say about them:

'Why didn't I switch sooner?! As someone who suffers heavy periods, I was very reluctant to switch. I would go through about 7 pads a day. Leaking through 3 pairs of trousers. Changing every 2 hours, sometimes more. I read about how much more absorbent reusable pads were so decided to just go for it. After reading reviews, I felt like cheeky pads were the best to get started with. All I can say is, what a life changer. I ordered 3 day pads and 2 night. I got started on my heavy day and used a day pad. Not joking. I wore it for 4 hours before needing to change. That whole day I only used 3 pads!!! And I didn't leak once!!!!!!! The washing didn't bother me. I just soak in cold water for 30mins. Then throw them in the wash with everything else. I've ordered more so I don't have to worry when the others don't dry. Love love love them. Best decision I've ever made!!' Emily, August 2021

The bamboo period pads are game changing. 1000 x more absorbent than your bog standard (even super) disposable towel. Revisiting my review, after 6 months it’s honestly changed my life at the time of month. I am peri menopausal with a lifetime of heavy periods, not fun. I used to have to wake 2-3 times a night to change but now I can sleep through. There’s no pretty way of explaining how well these work without the detail - but so long I have suffered. These are so comfortable,easy to clean and get more absorbent the more you use them. A very happy customer, thank you cheeky wipes for creating these. I started using them to be more sustainable but didn’t expect for a moment for them to be a really brilliant product, which is exactly what they are.EA, August 2021

We understand that you might still be a bit hesitant about switching to reusables if it's a new concept for you.  That's why we're here to offer advice and hold your hand if necessary - we want EVERYONE to feel 100% happy and comfortable on their periods - it's our mission...

We have an amazing reusable period protection questionnaire with a couple of options - 

For the full experience with a tailored response from one of the team, go for the questionnaire where you can fill in the details of your periods (or on behalf of your teen/tween). You'll answer questions on the heaviness of your periods, how long they last, how often your washing machine is on etc. Kirstin on the team will give you a recommendation based on those answers and you can email her with any questions once you get your reply. 

 We also have a quick quiz which will give you an immediate idea of what you might need. 

Alternatively, drop us an email or use our live chat function on the site which is available Monday to Friday during the day.

We hope that helps - there's no need to suffer from heavy periods any longer than you absolutely have to!  And if you enjoyed this article, you may enjoy our post on the best plus size period pants.