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If you're thinking of making the switch to reusable period pants, then you've come to the right place.  At Team Cheeky we've been delivering 'Simple Reusables' to our fantastic customers over the last 13 years so have got heaps of experience, which is recognised by our customers:

'What an excellent company! I have already been using their reusable period protection starter kits for moderate and heavy flow for the past couple of months and managed to completely eliminate the use of any standard pads. Now, I can only realise how much plastic and money I'd spent on a monthly basis! The quality of the products is fantastic and there is a great selection to choose from. I love that they have an eco-friendly delivery pack, the prices are very reasonable, and their customer service team were extremely helpful, when I needed them. A very happy customer, so far! Keep up the good work, Cheeky Wipes!!'  Artemis, Trustpilot

We pride ourselves on our sustainable development and have a small female-led management team, so we completely get that periods can be a pain in the bum.  Literally.  That's why our range of period pants goes to size 22 to 24 as standard across most of our range.

In addition, unlike many other big brands, most of our period pants have layers of protection and absorbency right the way from the front to the rear waistband. 

Here's why we think Cheeky pants are the best plus size period pants in the UK:


Plus-size period pants - shorts

Cheeky Plus-size period pants will help you sleep better

Our range includes the cosy period shorts (above) which are just brilliant for a good nights sleep even when you're on.  Lots of customers have told us that switching to period pants have really helped them sleep better as they're not worried about waking up in a puddle of blood.

'I have been thinking about switching to reusable period products for a while, and glad I finally did. I never used to sleep well on my period, as I would worry about leaking, but slept soundly with these on. Have used the pants alone even with heavy flow with no leaks. The price was great too. I will be recommending to all my family and friends.' Lou, Trustpilot

Cheeky Period Shorts - available in plus-sizes up to size 22 and size 24

Pretty, sassy plus size period pants in sizes 22 and 24

Just because you're on, doesn't mean that feeling attractive is off!

If you're back to work in the office now and could do with period pants with a bit of control top to them to give you a sleek shape under fitted dresses, then look no further than our fantastic shapewear period pants which are also amazing as postpartum and maternity pants.  We like to think that they give that Marilyn Monroe style shape, giving you confidence even when you've got your period.  We absolutely LOVE how they look.

'The pants are a lovely material and are very comfy! They are perfect for the gym and I feel more confident. The pads are so soft and wash really nice. Will be ordering more! Shouting to everyone about them as it is literally a no brainer. Saving the environment and feeling sexy  and in control during that time of month.' Abbie, Trustpilot

Period Pants in size 22 and 24 - fantastic shapewear

But if it's more everyday plus size period pants you're looking for, you can't go wrong with our Sassy Pants which aren't just available in functional yet dull black.  They're also available in gorgeous teal or berry colours, again to size 22 to 24.

'The pants are a true fit and offer the best protection available, I have tried a few different makes and cheeky wipes period underwear provide the best protection by far. The underwear is extremely comfortable and come on very pretty designs. Excellent value for money whether buying just pants or a bundle, all the accessories come in pretty designs to suit all tastes.' Mrs Flood, Trustpilot

Sassy berry coloured plus size period pants - available in sizes 22 and 24

Our lovely 'Feeling Pretty' lace topped period pants which also come in berry and teal are also available in sizes 22 and 24.

Pretty Lace-topped period pants - available in sizes 22 & 24

Our range of plus size period pants also includes our Sporty, cotton period pants which are perfect for teens and tweens and in sizes 22 to 24.

Plus size period pants for heavy periods

If you suffer with heavy periods, we completely understand how debilitating it can be for that week of the month.  How you need to feel confident that you won't leak and just be able to go about your day, without the embarrassment of chafing from uncomfortable disposable pads.

That's why we've got two products which have got an extra layer of absorbency to make sure that your period pants are anti-leak.  Firstly there's the extra absorbency version of our cotton 'sporty' style as mentioned above.  

'Absolutely fab. Bought for my 12 year old daughter who suffers very heavy periods and these have been great.There has been no leaks and my daughter said they are super comfy better than wearing sanitary pads. I bought the full set up of the 3 pair of knickers the 2 reusable sanitary pads the reusable wipes and wetbag.I urge everyone to give these a try, I shall be purchasing more in the future.' Hayley, Trustpilot

But we've also got an extra absorbent version of our best-selling high-waisted 'Comfy' period pants, called Fearless:

Fearless Period Pants in sizes 22 to 24 for heavy periods

We appreciate that making the switch to period pants or reusable sanitary pads might seem like a leap of faith.  That's why we're willing to put our money where our mouth is with our 90 day trial - LOVE them or your money back.

We love to help - try our questionnaire for tailored advice!

Not sure where to start?  Try our quick quiz to give you an idea of what you need, or if you can wait for a response, fill out our period protection questionnaire and one of our team will get back to you within a couple of days with a completely tailored recommendation.  Alternatively, please do drop us an email, or use the chat function available on the site from Monday to Friday.  The team love to chat and consider themselves the queens of over sharing so don't be embarrassed!


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