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Best Type of Underwear for your period

The best type of underwear for your period is whatever you feel most comfortable in and is most similar to your regular underwear. Generally a hip hugging style in cotton / lycra will work well as it's breathable, absorbent and will fit snugly.

Wearing comfortable, well fitting underwear is always important no matter what time of the month. There's nothing more uncomfortable than baggy, saggy pants which wriggle around under your clothes and potentially climb between your bum cheeks!

When you've got your period, this is even more critical to feeling good and being able to go about your day. If you use disposable or reusable sanitary pads, your knickers need to fit well in order to stop your pad moving around.

Alternatively you might want to consider wearing period underwear, a new type of menstrual product, specially designed to protect from menstrual blood. It's also available as period swimwear.

What is Period Underwear?

Period underwear is knickers made from layers of material which are moisture wicking and absorbent. The layers absorb your menstrual flow and are also leak proof which means you stay feeling dry and secure.

If you choose the correct absorbency level of period pants, you won't need to use any additional period products for extra protection. Period undies can generally hold 2 tampons or menstrual cups worth of period blood.

Period Underwear can be washed in the washing machine, but it's important to note that they should be washed in cold water. That's because menstrual blood is a protein stain, and washing at higher than blood temp will 'set' the stain.

Types of Period Underwear:


Period Briefs

Shop Period Briefs

There are lots of different styles of period briefs available. We'll discuss specific designs shortly but generally they fall into categories based on rise (i.e. low-rise bikini style, mid waisted bikini styles such as our Sassy or Lace-topped period underwear and high-waisted options).

If you're looking for plus size period pants, we have a range available in sizes 4 to 24!

In addition, period briefs will also come in different absorbency levels. Products such as period thongs are suitable for light days or spotting. Most period pants are suitable for 'regular' wear or normal flow as they will hold up to two tampons worth of blood. However heavy flow period briefs will hold around 4 tampons worth of blood and can be worn all day, even on heavy days.

When considering which period underwear brand to buy, you should consider where their absorbency and leak proofing is contained. Some brands ONLY have absorbency in the gusset area, which can lead to leakage. Cheeky Pants have got absorbency to the front and rear waistband as standard.

Period Shorts

Cosy Period Shorts

Period Shorts are perfect for wearing in bed or under school uniform. They're high-waisted, meaning they feel comfy and secure.

'These are fantastic. I bought a pair to try out and immediately ordered more. They are so comfortable and I feel really safe sleeping in them'.

Boybrief period knickers

Boybrief Period Knickers

Boybrief period pants are great for wearing both on lighter days and heavy flow days. They're cut in a boybrief style, which makes them really popular with teens and tweens.

'Absolutely brilliant, bought these for my 10yr old daughter who has started her periods and it's made the transition so much easier for her am purchasing more.'

High Leg Period Knickers

Period Pants High Leg, perfect for sports, running, cycling, gymnastics

High leg period pants are fantastic for wearing for sports, athletics, gymnastics or trampolining, as the cut makes them great for wearing under leotards and sports wear.

'I was skeptical that these wouldn’t leak. I am heavy flow and can wear them for 14 hours before they need changing. Amazing product.'

High Waist Period Pants

High Waist Period Pants

If you're looking for 'Bridget Jones' style knickers which offer full coverage and protection for that time of the month, then high-waisted period underwear is for you. Available in both regular flow and as heavy flow period pants too.

'This is a great product - I definitely feel fearless when wearing these. Incredibly comfortable, and very well made. Washes well too. So glad I purchased these.'

Bamboo Period Underwear

Bamboo Period Underwear

For some people, the feel of their knickers against their skin is super important, especially if they suffer from sensitivity or irritation around their vulva. If you're looking for a pair of period pants which are extra soft, then we can highly recommend bamboo period underwear.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial too, which is great if you tend to suffer from infections or thrush.

'Comfortable, and pretty so you can still feel nice even when you’re on your period. No leaks.'

Cotton Period Underwear

Sporty Cotton Period Pants

Lots of people love cotton underwear, so it's no surprise that cotton period pants are super popular too. Our 'Sporty' low rise bikini style are really popular with teens and tweens and come in both regular flow and as heavy flow period knickers.

'Perfect for heavy flow, so comfy I kept forgetting I was on my period as it just felt like everyday underwear and not those awful sanitary towels.'

Period Thong

Period Thong

If you generally wear thongs, period thongs are brilliant as a back up to a tampon or menstrual cup, or for use when spotting or on light days.

If you're a thong wearer, you'll enjoy this article 'can you wear a thong on your period'

'Absolutely love these for lighter days or wearing with my menstrual cup. Great quality and fit. Highly recommended.'

No VPL Seamless Period Pants

No VPL Seamless period pants

You know how it're going out for the night, wearing a gorgeous fitted dress - and your period arrives! Our seamless period pants make visible panty lines a thing of the past so you can wear your slinkiest dress and still feel fabulous!

'These pants are a game changer! They are so comfortable and you don’t have to worry about VPL at the same time. Perfect for every day wear. I would buy hundreds of these if I actually needed that many'

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About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. She went on to develop a range of 'Simple Reusables' including period pants, reusable sanitary pads and reusable makeup removing pads. Her customer services team LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long providing relatable friendly advice! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing eco friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.