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Bum wiping habits #2: make your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe

Bum wiping habits #2: make your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe

Make the last wipe you will ever buy, a Cheeky Wipe

You may have read our most recent post about getting into the habit of making your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe.  It relates to adult bum wiping, but at completely the other end of the spectrum it triggered us to chat about using Cheeky Wipes on newborns.

We're very excited here that one of the team at Cheeky Wipes is pregnant and for her it will be her first opportunity to use Cheeky Wipes from newborn.  Previously she only discovered Cheeky Wipes at a later stage (and then came to work for us!), so she's excited about getting into that newborn routine from the start.

Babies are all about routine.  I don't mean a strict 'Gina Ford' type routine, but as a new parent who literally has no clue what to do with the crying baby in front of them, a routine is a great way to have at least some clue what your baby is likely to need at that point in time.  I found the book 'The Baby Whisperer - how to calm, connect and communicate with your baby' absolutely invaluable.  It's about you and your baby getting into an EASY rhythm where they Eat, have some Activity, and then Sleep...which is when you get time for You.

Start as you mean to go on

We believe that you can make Cheeky Wipes the last baby wipes you will buy.  Because they are EASY too (sorry, pushing the boundaries here with this acronym...forgive me, it's lockdown!)

  • Eco-friendly, simply wash and reuse
  • All-in-one kit contains everything you'll need to make using cloth wipes a doddle.  Wipes, soaking boxes for the clean and dirty wipes, essential oils to make them smell great and a mesh bag to make them wash well.  It couldn't be easier
  • Slightly smug is how you're likely to feel at the thought that you will have saved around £500* on baby wipes over 2 years, never mind all the landfill 
  • You'll be able to relax knowing exactly what you're using on your babies delicate skin, just 99.5% water and a few drops of 100% natural essential oil

No need to faff about with cotton wool, use Cheeky Wipes from newborn - following NICE guidelines

The NICE clinical excellence guidelines that midwives follow recommend using just water for wiping your baby from newborn for the first 6 weeks of their life, which is why they recommend cotton wool and water.  The great news is that you don't have to faff about with cotton wool which can stick to your baby or the poo and be a bit awkward to use.  Instead, you can use Cheeky Wipes from birth!  For newborns, we recommend that you don't use the fresh wipes oil, but just use plain tap water to soak 10 wipes (or 1 days worth of wipes) at a time.  That way they are ready to use, but aren't likely to go musty which can happen if you don't use the lavender & chamomile oil to preserve them.   You can still use the teatree & lemon mucky oil solution in the mucky wipes, as this won't go on your baby's skin.

Getting into this habit from the start will pay rewards.  We believe that once you start with Cheeky Wipes, you'll never go back.  In fact we guarantee it.  Ask us about our 45 day money back guarantee, where if you give it a go but don't love your wipes, we will give you your money back. 

*2 packs of premium wipes per week at £2.50 per pack, £5 per week x 52 x 2 = £520