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7 Best Baby Wipes for 2024

You're pregnant (again) and starting to think about buying in a stock of wet wipes.

You want the best for your baby's sensitive skin. And it would be good to use the most ecofriendly option too...without spending a fortune! But where do you start when wiping your baby? There are SO many types of disposable wipes out there, plus of course cotton wool and water and even reusable wipes.

Navigating the vast sea of baby care products can be overwhelming for new and experienced parents alike.

With the cost of living crisis, plus the necessity of trying to do the best to protect the environment, it's more important than ever to find baby wipes that are not only gentle on your baby's delicate skin but also mindful of our planet's health.

Here at Cheeky Wipes we've been all about wipes since we launched our Queens Award Winning Reusable Wipes kit back in 2008 and since then more than half a million happy parents have used our wipes as they make switching to reusable wipes EASY!

But we know that reusable wipes aren't for everyone, so we though we'd save you some time by compiling our guide to the best baby wipes of 2024 in the UK.

We'll look at both reusable and disposable options, focusing on key factors like material, ingredients, eco-friendliness and price. 

We've chosen options that are fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin too.  This is partly because I remember being at a baby show and one lady telling me she loved her disposable baby wipes because 'they were great at getting stains out of the carpet' - which is great but why would you choose to use THAT on your baby's sensitive skin!

Remember many wipes don't contain plastic themselves, however they are packaged in plastic and when wrapped in a bin bag or nappy sack take almost as long to decompose as 'normal' wipes. And there's no such thing as 'flushable' wipes either, flushing any baby wipes will block sewers in your area! 

Without further ado, here's our comparison of the 7 best baby wipes for 2024:

  1. Cheeky Wipes Reusable Baby Wipes Kit
  2. Kit & Kin Biodegradable Baby Wipes
  3. Aldi Mamia Sensitive Skin Wipes
  4. Waterwipes Textured Wipes
  5. Mum&You Biodegradable Wipes
  6. Eco by Naty Compostable Wipes
  7. Cheeky Wipes Hands & Faces Kit

Cheeky Reusable Wipes Kit

1. Cheeky Wipes Reusable Baby Wipes Kit

Cheeky Wipes are the original and best reusable wipes, 5 star rated on Trustpilot and have sold over 500,000 kits since they launched back in 2008.  The kit contains everything you need to make switching to reusable wipes EASY, including soaking boxes for clean and dirty wipes, essential oil soaking solutions, travel bags for clean and dirty wipes and a mesh bag for laundry in the washing machine too.

The Cheeky Kit can be used with reusable nappies, cloth nappies and disposable nappies too, and even as a toilet paper replacement when the kids have outgrown it!

Material: Cloth wipes are available in many materials, including cotton, organic cotton and bamboo wipes. Cloth wipes make changing your little one simple, as the texture means quicker nappy changes and fewer wipes!

Ingredients: Just add water and a few drops of the included essential oils if desired. Choose from lavender & chamomile, mandarin or rose for soaking your fresh wipes. Teatree & Lemon oil is great for kick starting the hygiene process for your mucky wipes too.

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: Wipes are 100% biodegradable and washable, brilliant for anyone looking for the most ecofriendly wipes.

Price: £49.99, pays for itself in around 3 months compared to disposable wipes

Trial Period: Comes with a 100% Happiness guarantee, love them or your money back!

Customer Reviews: "We purchased one of the all in one kits after a personal recommendation, to try and avoid using so many disposable wipes when changing nappies. Everything you need is in the kit and the instructions are easy meaning you can be up and running in no time.

Aside from being reusable, the wipes are also better for the job than disposable ones, which tend to slide over what you are trying to clear up, rather than help remove it.  We are really pleased in our cheeky wipes kit, which is helping to make a mucky job easier and saving waste." Mr Martin, Trustpilot

Kit & Kin Biodegradable Wipes Review

2. Kit & Kin Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Kit & Kin are definitely one of the best disposable wipes brands and their subscription service makes it easy for new parents to have nappies and disposable baby wipes delivered to their door. That comes at a price of course, with their wipes subscription being £19.90 every 3 weeks.

Material: Made with sustainable, plant-based fibre for a gentle clean.

Ingredients: Aqua, Malic Acid, Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate. Made without chlorine or harsh chemicals

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: 100% biodegradable, packaging is recyclable and made from 50% recycled materials

Price: £2.50 per pack, subscribe to 10 packs (600 wipes) every 3 weeks for £19.90

Customer Reviews: "Love these nappies and wipes! Very cute designs and great quality. Love even more that kit & kin go the extra mile to do additional things for the environment besides producing biodegradable products." Kate, Trustpilot

Best Wipes 2024 - Aldi Mamia

3. Aldi Mamia Sensitive Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes

Aldi Mamia is lauded as the favourite for parents who are watching their pennies. And at 1/4 of the price of other disposable wipes, it's easy to see why!

Material: Plant based material, unspecified

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Polyquaternium-7, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Gluconate, Citric Acid.

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: Aldi wipes are plastic free, however their packaging states they should be binned, not flushed. Not biodegradable. Packaging is plastic.

Price: £3.49 for a pack of six, (360 wipes) great budget option

Customer Reviews: "I would definitely recommend this product to other mums, I think the wipes are extremely good quality for the price, they are so affordable and good on baby's skin. The sensitive range I find is just so delicate and soft, I even use them as face wipes sometimes. Definitely will be using this product all the time now." Mother & Baby Review

Best Wipes 2024 - Water Wipes

4. WaterWipes Baby Wipes

Water Wipes were one of the first brands to focus on making wipes for sensitive skin, acknowledging the skin issues caused by ingredients in some wet wipes.  They've just been updated and are now plastic free too.

Material: Plant based viscose wipes which are plastic free

Ingredients: 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit and soap berry extract.

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: Plastic free but not biodegradable, wipes should be binned, not flushed

Price: £24.10 for a pack of 10 (720 wipes)

Customer Reviews: "I’ve been using these wipes for my baby from day 1 and never caused any rashes or skin reactions. Love that these are made with 99.99% water and helps with all necessary cleaning for Baby. Doesn’t rip like some other wipes so it’s good quality as well. It’s a bit pricey but I always buy them when they are on offer." Amazon Review

Best Wipes 2024 - Mum & You

5. Mum & You 100% Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Another subscription service for time poor families launched in 2017, Mum & You wipes and nappies are biodegradable and focus on sustainability.

Material: PEFC certified sustainable viscose cellulose, wipes are plastic free

Ingredients: 99.5% water plus Sodium Benzoate , Sodium Citrate, Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phospate, Sodium Gluconate, Citric Acid

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: Plastic free aside from packaging. Fully biodegradable and compostable however recommends that wipes for dirty nappies should be binned with household waste

Price: £35 for a pack of 24 (1344 wipes)

Customer Reviews: "Love these products, the nappies are really soft and the wipes are soapy. Customer service is excellent. It’s really easy to adjust your subscription, I’m always adding stuff, adjusting delivery frequency. So pleased I discovered this company" Nikki, Trustpilot

Best Baby Wipes 2024 - Eco By Naty

6. Eco by Naty Plant-Based Baby Wipes

Eco by Naty are a Swedish company, renowned for their focus on sustainability. They've been doing eco friendly products since way back in 1994, so they know what they're talking about!

Material: 100% plant-based materials, compostable, 98.4% water

Ingredients: Enriched with aloe vera and chamomile for soothing the skin, other ingredients are Aqua, Gluconolactone, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Propanediol, Citric Acid, Capryl Glucoside, Calcium Gluconate, Maltodextrin

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: Fully biodegradable and compostable, packed in chalk based packaging.

Price: £2.95 for 56 wipes, no subscription option

Customer Reviews: "I order these wipes after finding out that the plant based wipes were not compostable. They have bits of plastic in them. So I went looking for the ones that will break down and found eco. I use a lot of them as a childcare provider for hands and faces so I feel really good about these wipes." Trustpilot Product Review

Best Baby Wipes 2024: Cheeky Hands & Faces Kit

7. Cheeky Wipes Hands & Faces Kit

Even if you can't bring yourself to use reusable wipes for nappy changing, switching to reusable wipes for hands & faces is an EASY eco option which will save you lots of money. It comes with two out and about bags so it makes it easy to use washable wipes when on the go.

Material: Choose from microfibre or premium wipes materials such as organic cotton or bamboo, or go for supersoft bamboo plush for the softest face wiping!

Ingredients: Use water or the fresh wipes essential oil for extra cleaning

Biodegradable/Plastic-Free: Just wash and reuse! The plastic box the wipes is stored in can be repurposed or passed on to a friend once you've finished with it

Price: From £31.95 for the microfibre kit

Customer Reviews: "Perfect for our 2 and 4yr old. The best bit is they actually ask to clean their hands and face now as they like the smell of the wipes " Trustpilot Product Review

Selecting the right baby wipes for your family isn't just about  what's best for your baby's skin. It's also about making choices that reflect your values, especially regarding the environment. Whether you prefer the 'norm' of disposable wipes or are leaning towards the eco-friendliness of reusable options like Cheeky Wipes, there's a wipe to suit you.

We hope you found this useful. If you'd like to find out which reusable wipes would be best for you, try our reusable wipes questionnaire, or drop us a line.  The team all chat pee, poo and periods all day long and have used the products themselves so nothing is TMI!

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About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. Several years later their range of 'Simple Reusables' expanded to include period pants, reusable panty liners and reusable sanitary pads.

The Cheeky customer services team pride themselves on providing honest, friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long, helping people make the switch to reusables! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing environmentally friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.