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Special Measures to keep things moving


You may have gathered from previous posts but we are quite swamped here at Cheeky Wipes HQ.  Each day, our daily orders seem to multiply...  Monday was three times as busy as usual.  Tuesday was four times as busy as usual.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was 5 times as busy.  Although we are now working on Monday's orders, we have a backlog of around 4 days running, even fully staffed.

We are doing our best, but we have made some changes to our business so that we can hopefully get the essential products out as fast as we can.   We're doing our best to be open and transparent - please bear with us!

Checking the status of your cheeky wipes order

  1. Firstly, please check your spam / junk folders for your order confirmation and dispatch emails
  2. Secondly, please don't contact us unless you ordered 8 days ago or more - we are running at 5 days for dispatch of existing orders and 2 to 3 days for delivery.  Jo and the team are just a tad overwhelmed with 'Where's my order' emails....

Increased staffing levels & shifts

We are going to start running two shifts and working over the weekend too, which is a HUGE impact for everyone here who have got families at home and we really appreciate their commitment. 

In addition, we've recruited bank staff locally, many of whom work in local nurseries, restaurants and shops and have now found themselves without employment.

Simplified product options

As we have more unskilled staff available, we have simplified our product offerings, so that we can prepare, pick and pack quicker and get more orders dispatched daily. With immediate effect, we have available:

Amazon Order Pricing

It's not just our website which is busy.  The sales on Amazon which we fulfil have seen similar increases....however that has left us with a bit of a conundrum.

Part of our selling agreement with Amazon, means that we MUST send orders placed there out the next working day.  

But that means that by ordering on Amazon, people are effectively 'jumping the queue' and that doesn't seem fair to us.

We have two options of dealing with this:

  1. We could stop selling on Amazon.  Unfortunately, this has a huge knock on impact for when things get back to normal (!) and would damage our business ongoing.
  2. Or, we could put the price up on Amazon.  Not because we want to profiteer from this, but because it's just not fair on all our loyal customers.   So anyone purchasing an baby wipes kit through Amazon will pay a premium for the privilege of jumping the queue.  Just like you would do if you're taking the kids to Legoland and want to buy a 'queuejumper' bot.  People can choose not to buy on Amazon, buy at the normal price from us directly and join the queue if they are happy to wait.

We've gone with option 2.

Thanks in advance for your support and understanding

We are in completely uncharted territory here.  There has never been an event like this in our lifetime.  It still all feels extremely surreal and I swing between feeling 'normal' and like I'm featuring in Stephen Kings 'the Stand'.  But we are doing our absolute best.  And we are trying to be fair and open and honest and transparent.

We hope you understand. 

Be safe everyone.

Helen XX

19 March 2020  |  15:48

Practical and ethical decisions cheeky wipes, as a returning direct customer happy to wait. Thank you for the teams efforts at this crazy time, you doing an amazing job x stay happy and healthy best you can.

Rebecca Wallace
20 March 2020  |  3:06

Just want to say what an amazing job you're doing with the increased workload. Due to the toilet paper shortage we have switched to family cloth (used cheeky wipes from birth on our 20 month old) and the extra wipes I ordered late Tuesday night arrived on Thursday. I'm so impressed by how quick this was even without the exceptional circumstances and it's yet another reason why I love cheeky wipes as a brand!