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What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Unsure which the best fabric cloth wipes are? Well, it depends, we believe the best material for you is determined by what you need the wipe for!

The best fabric for reusable baby wipes really varies depending on what you're cleaning, whether it's baby bums, adult bums, hands & faces or even kitchen cleaning!  Generally softer materials are best for hands & faces, but for bums, slightly coarser fabrics are grippier to make bottom cleaning easier!

Here's our guide to fabrics and materials which work best for reusable baby wipes:

Did you know that the first 'wet wipes' were used by the Greco-Romans - a communal sponge on a stick with a bucket of salty water¹. 

'Modern' plastic wrapped baby wipes have actually only been around since the 60's. They may appear easier and more convenient but they are terrible for the planet and our skin.

Biodegradable wipes are certainly an improvement from a landfill perspective but the plastic packaging they come in certainly isn't eco friendly. So what's the alternative?

Washable wipes - the truly modern alternative

Choosing baby wipes might seem like a bit of a minefield, but nowadays we have a much simpler, hard wearing and EASY alternative to chemical laden, sewer clogging disposable wipes.

Reusable wipes aren't just for cloth diaper users. They're brilliant with disposable nappies too or even just for weaning and mucky hands & faces. You can even use them when out and about with one of our fantastic double wet bags!

If you are a seamstress with access to an overlocker and a multitude of "NAICE" pretty towels, you can of course make your own cloth baby wipes. However for the majority of us without the time / skills / tools, our variety of fabrics should cover all your needs.

Switch to washable wipes & save money

Did you know that for the first two years of your baby's life you'll likely use at least 208 packs of wipes. And that's assuming that your baby is potty trained by age 2 and no longer needs face wiping.

Although you just add them to your weekly shop, that really adds up. Premium brand wipes like bambino mio, kit&kin, water wipes, or mypura that could end up costing you £500 over 2 years!

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

White cotton terry wipes - workhorse wipes

There are our most hard wearing and cost effective choice for wipes, great if you live in a soft water area. 15cm x 15cm white terry cotton wipes are durable and have great traction for cleaning up poo.

Soaked in our essential oil wipes solution and 99% water, reusable wipes are perfect for even sensitive skin and help prevent nappy rash.

No need for special purified or bottled water, you can even use cloth wipes with just pure water, even warm water from the tap which means they're fragrance free too.

Soak soiled wipes in our teatree solution, then machine washed up to 60 degrees. Perfect for washing alongside cloth nappies, or as part of your everyday mixed washload.

"Excellent product again. The last lot of white cotton cheeky wipes for bottoms lasted 6 years!!" Claire Jan '22 Trustpilot

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Premium white cotton wipes

A heavy weight premium version of our popular all round wipe, made from zero twist cotton, they are thicker and softer making them ideal for bums, hands and faces.

"Second purchase, even happier than with the first. This time I bought the premium wipes. Sooooo soft and lovely on baby bumbles ❤️ highly recommended for anyone wanting an alternative to disposable wipes." Rachael Oct '21 Trustpilot


What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Organic premium white cotton

These are the same thickness and feel as our premium wipes. However the organic cotton wipes are made using GOTS organic cotton certified materials and dyes, perfect for cleaning mucky babies!

"Our work horse wipes! I really like their wipes. We have a set of organic cotton ones for more then two years and they are still going strong." Kat, Feb '21 trustpilot 

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Natural bamboo wipes 

Our 15cm bamboo wipes are plant based, supersoft, super absorbent and have antibacterial properties making them perfect for babies, great for hard water areas and washable to 60 degrees.

"Bamboo fabric is great. Really happy with my order, arrived promptly.

Like the bamboo fabric and its helping me with weaning my daughter! Far more environmentally friendly than disposable wipes."  Ms Brennan Aug '21 trustpilot

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Premium rainbow cotton wipes

Naturally strong and soft, this fabric doesn't need to be twisted during manufacture, making the 15cm wipes feel more plush and heavy than our standard cotton. In vibrant rainbow colours, washable to 40 degrees

"The wipes (premium rainbow) have been so easy to use and my daughter has actually enjoyed getting her face and hands cleaned!" Siobhan Mar '21 trustpilot

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Organic premium rainbow cotton

Our organic cotton rainbow are durable and strong but also soft enough for hands and faces, washable to 40 degrees and great for allocating a colour for different children!

"Organic Terry cloth rainbow wipes arrived quickly and are fantastic for cleaning up my little one.

Wish I had had them from the beginning.

Great as reusable bum wipes, face wipes, spill wipes. Absorbent and grippy, perfect size. Coloured for different jobs. They wash and dry really well.

Organic too so no chemicals for little one or the planet. Would highly recommend these.Jade B Nov '20 trustpilot 

Rainbow bamboo wipes

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Our rainbow 70% bamboo 30% cotton wipes are softer than the cotton wipes but still have enough grip for poo, great for hard water areas and washable to 40 degrees.

"Very soft bamboo wipes work really well on baby’s bum and this hardly ever have to use more than 2 per change. So much better than disposables for the environment" Jane Jun '21 trustpilot

Rainbow bamboo large reusable wipes

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Our 20cm rainbow bamboo do the same job as the smaller wipes but with more surface area for poonamis! 

"As always great product. I update, periodically my supply of cheeky wipes for my grandchildren as they appear to go missing ( into their parents homes, nappy bags etc) the 20cm rainbow colours are our new favourite, perfect size - in fact perfect size - and great quality for meal time mop ups." Linda Oct '21 trustpilot 

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Grey bamboo wipes

My favourite, great to use as family toilet wipes, 15cm 90% bamboo viscose, 10 % polyester, super soft and antibacterial!

"Just started using the bamboo starter kit with my newborn, so far love them, really feel that they clean baby in a gentle soft way. Good size cloth as well. Will purchase more for weaning." Mrs Wynn Jan '22 trustpilot 

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Bamboo plush wipes

Luxuriously soft 15cm wipes, perfect for delicate weaning cheeks. Our double sided wipes are bamboo viscose one side and super soft plush on the other, wash to 40 degrees. Brilliant for a face freshen up too!

"Soft wipes not just for children! I've purchased the plush* wipes as a gift for a friend who is having surgery.

They are perfect for keeping fresh post operatively and soft and kind to the skin. The designs are playful and my order was packaged up and sent out to me expediently.Rachel Mar '21 trustpilot

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Microfibre wipes

15cm velvet microfibre are great for hands and faces and dry super quickly so are great if you want a fast turn around.

"I’m really pleased with the quality of these microfibre cloths - they’re the perfect size and texture for cleaning my baby’s face after feeds. The range of colours is nice too. Prompt delivery made this a 5* service!" Charlotte Aug '21 trustpilot 

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Large Microfibre Wipes

Our larger microfibre wipes are perfect for any cleaning job!

"Highly recommended. I use coloured microfibre ones for everything: mopping up in kitchen, cleaning glasses and lots of other things.

So easy to wash and dry, and at one use per wipe much more hygienic." Customer trustpilot May '20 

Cotton flannel wipes

What is the best fabric for reusable baby wipes?

Super soft and thin, great as a toilet paper alternative. These are our biggest wipes at 21cm. Machine wash to 60 degrees and they just keep getting softer and softer. Not recommended for poo, but perfect as an adult intimate wipe.

"These cotton mini flannel wipes are so good for small babies and when weaning. They are soft on skin and gentle, but absorbent, use wet or dry. Very eco friendly as wash and reuse." Anne, Aug '21 trustpilot 

Which fabric of washable cloth wipe is best for me?

The best fabric of washable cloth wipe is whichever meets the needs of you and your baby best.  If after reading our guide above, you still aren't sure which fabric of washable cloth wipes is best for you,  fill out our Wipes Questionnaire and Paula will get back to you ASAP with a tailored recommendation for you. Alternatively drop the team a line or use the online chat function.

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