Environmentally Friendly Eco Baby Wipes - the best wet wipes alternative

Eco Friendly Wipes - the Cheeky Wipes kit makes reusable wipes EASY!

Natural baby wipes – protecting the planet and your baby's future

Just think about every disposable baby wipe you throw away. In 2019 almost 45.9 million tonnes of waste ended up in landfill in England so this is a perfect chance to do your bit to protect the environment for your children.

If you’re already doing your bit by recycling your newspapers, glass and tins – then using Cheeky natural baby wipes is just as easy. No more disposable baby wipes sitting around in landfill until your baby has grandchildren of their own.  Here's our guide answering some of the most frequently asked questions about natural, eco-friendly baby wipes:

Which baby wipes do not contain plastic?

Reusable baby wipes do not contain plastic.  You might thank that choosing biodegradable baby wipes or plastic free wipes which some brands now offer is better for the environment. In a way that's true, but that still creates landfill! Additionally, many biodegradable wipes are only biodegradable if composted.  Disposing of biodegradable wipes in a nappy bag in landfill sort of defeats the purpose.

Choosing reusable wipes is simply the best solution to baby wipes without plastic that there is!

What are the most natural baby wipes? 

Cheeky reusable baby wipes are the most natural baby wipe as they can be used with 100% pure water! They're also an eco-friendly, disposable baby wipes alternative. They're the green and natural way to clean your baby’s bottom, but for the poo-squeamish they're just as good for mucky hands & faces!

Eco friendly baby wipes alternative - Cheeky Wipes make it easy to switch to reusable wipes

What can be used instead of baby wipes?

Instead of baby wipes, you can use cotton wool and water, or reusable wipes. Cotton wool and water isn't a very convenient option however as the cotton wool often sticks to poo and it's tricky to use when out and about.  However reusable wipes can be conveniently purchased as part of a wipes kit which makes it really easy to use reusable wipes but at home and when you're on the go. It contains wipes containers for both clean and dirty wipes, supersoft cloth wipes and wetbags for caring your clean and mucky wipes when you're out and about, or for nursery / childcare.

You can choose from cotton wipes / organic cotton wipes which are great all-round wipes or maybe consider bamboo wipes if you prefer something just a little softer or live in a hard water area.

Can I use water instead of baby wipes?

Yes, you can use water with reusable wipes instead of baby wipes. Our water wipes are suitable for newborns, you don't need to use purified water, just pure water or our fantastic wet and wipe spray which contains 99% natural ingredients.

They also make a fantastic alternative to toilet paper if you can bring yourself to try them!

Once your baby reaches 6 weeks, you can switch to using our lovely natural washable cloth baby wipes with a 0.16% (or 4 drops!) safe essential oils, which are biodegradable and smell great too!

Cheeky Baby Wipes don’t create mountains of washing either as you can just pop them in with a normal load. Over the course of a year, washing 25 wipes every other day in your washing machine as part of a full mixed washload equates to just 6 extra loads of washing annually!

Even better, they can be line dried or tumble dried - and if you're short of time you can simply resoak which is another environmental bonus!

We're so sure that you'll love our reusable wipes that if you don't, we'll give you your money back!

Natural Baby Wipes

Using Cheeky baby wipes does your bit for the environment – a green, natural, and affordable wipes option!

You can take back control of your planet with a few simple steps and some hassle free Cheeky Baby Wipes.

Landfill is a load of rubbish and you know it! Try Cheeky Wipes instead and ditch disposable wipes for good!

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