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Feeling Confident - Postpartum Support Underwear & Maternity Control Pants

Great for: Towards the end of pregnancy under your maternity trousers when you may be suffering with heavy discharge. 

Or in the postpartum days, these are the perfect after birth pants. They're super soft (unlike disposable pants) and designed to fit and support your tummy post birth.

This let's you heal without the need for horrid maternity pads - or even worse, crinkly paper pants!

'Perfect for post C-Section' Alex, Aug 21

Use if: You're pregnant, have just given birth, or just want some extra support / control top on your period pants

Sizing tip: Can be snug around the leg, may want to order the top end of your normal UK size

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'.



What are your maternity knickers made of?

  • Body: Nylon/Elastane (75% / 25%),
  • Absorbent lining: Cotton/Elastane (95% / 5%)
  • Middle layers: Polyester/Nylon (80% / 20%)
  • Inner body: Nylon/Elastane (87% / 13%)
  • Waterproof layer of Oeko-Tex certified TPU

How do I wash my postpartum pants / maternity knickers?

Taking care of your Cheeky® pants couldn't be easier, check out our washing and care guide to see how.

How absorbent are your postpartum / maternity pants?

Our super high waisted postpartum underwear have absorbency right the way up the back and front, rather than just the gusset.

This gives you much more protection than many other brands, even when sleeping. 

At the very start of your recovery stage, you may have to change these pants more frequently, or use a reusable pad alongside your pants.

'Extremely comfy post c section'

100% Happiness Guarantee 

We love our Cheeky products and think you will too, but if this is your first time trying out reusable protection we understand you might be unsure if they're for you. Lucky for you, we have our Happiness Guarantee on our pads and pants so you try one pair of pants and one pad for a test drive before deciding whether or not to make the switch. 

Any pants returned outside of the trial can only be returned/exchanged if they have been tried on OVER clean underwear and not prewashed.

I'm new to post partum pants, can I read more?

Absolutely! Check out our FAQs page and then these blogposts might be of interest:

"I also ordered the postpartum underwear for myself. Having had straight forward births in the past, I purchased them with the intention of using them to help support the abdominal area instead of buying a binder of some kind as it seemed like a gentler idea. However, I ended up with an emergency section and I cannot give the postpartum underwear enough credit for how great they have been.

I was cleared by hospital staff to wear the underwear as soon as I was comfortable to do so as long as they were not "really tight" and due to the stretchy nature, they were certainly not too tight, so I began wearing them as soon as I was able to get out of the bed and the difference they made was unbelievable.

I went from feeling fragile and like every movement was a risk to feeling comfortable to move around (obviously still within my limited ability at the time). The support from the band helped with confidence that I could get up and down without injury, it allowed me to get dressed and undressed without worrying about disturbing the scar as it caused a smooth barrier between clothes and the skin, so I was able to wear my own clothes right away too.

I would also note that after approximately 16 days of use, I believe they provided the correct support to allow my body to become stronger than it may have without the extra support." Trustpilot Review


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Period & Pee Pants Sizing Guide 

Compare style, absorbency, fit to find your best match. Our size recommendation is based on our team and customer feedback and on the basis that different styles have different levels of stretch etc! If you're unsure on sizing, drop us a line, we LOVE to help.

Pants name            
Feeling LimitlessTrue to size
Feeling Sporty

can feel snug - go for top end of normal size

Feeling Free / Free as a Bird

can feel snug around thighs - definitely size up

Feeling SleekGenerous - recommend sizing down
Feeling Pretty

True to size

Feeling Sassy

True to size

Feeling Comfy    

True to size

Feeling Cheeky

Can feel snug - size up if unsure

Feeling HipTrue to size
Quick change brief 

True to size

Feeling Fancy

True to size

Feeling Confident   

Can feel snug - size up if unsure

Feeling Cosy      True to size
Feeling Free heavyCan feel snug especially around thighs - definitely size up if unsure
Feeling Free leopard printTrue to size
Feeling Pretty HeavyTrue to size
Feeling Sporty heavyCan feel snug - go for top end of normal size
Feeling Cosy BambooGenerous - go for bottom end of normal size or size down
Feeling Fearless     Generous - go for bottom end of normal size or size down
Feeling Fearless bambooGenerous - go for bottom end of normal size or size down