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Bamboo Nappy Booster for Reusable Cloth Nappy- 10 pack

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Bamboo Nappy Booster | Cloth Nappy Boosters | 10 pack

Gorgeously soft and absorbent absorbent pads for cloth nappies available in 2 sizes:

Size 1 Regular bamboo nappy boosters (10.5 x 28cm)

Size 2 Large bamboo nappy boosters (13 x 33cm)

Made from 80% bamboo 20% pico cotton terry

These bamboo nappy inserts are brilliant alongside our pocket nappies or our two part reusable nappies for extra absorbency. Marvellous for boosting night nappies or if your baby is a heavy wetter.

In pocket nappies, these can be stuffed inside the pocket part of the nappy.

In two parts, simply lay over the nappy and under the fleece / disposable liner.

100% Happiness Guaranteed  

We love our Cheeky Nappies and think you will too, but we understand it's tricky buying things online. Buy with certainty with our 100% Happiness Guarantee. Try try one booster, love it, or your money back. 

Use with our waterproof nappy wraps and bamboo cloth nappies.

You may also like to consider our Strucket, combined strainer and bucket.

Unsure about cloth nappies or what inserts you'll need? 

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"Love this company. Great products, great service.

Before my (now eight month old) baby was born, I bought two sets of wipes (charcoal bamboo and multicoloured organic cotton) and the Cheeky Doodoo starter pack (one size fits most).

The wipes are still going strong (if a bit frayed) after 8 months of heavy use and careless washing (I stopped bothering with the laundry bag after a few days). The charcoal are my go-to for poos (unstainable!), and I love the organic cotton for face and hands.

But since baby got big enough for them to fit, the nappies have been a revelation. I love the slimness, the fit and the fact they don't stain. They're now my go-to night nappies (with a nighttime booster), and the wrap is among my favourites. I have a few other 'one size' covers that are already a squeeze, but this one is super stretchy and roomy. I wasn't sure about the popper pattern at first but I think it actually gives a better, more adjustable fit. And I LOVE the print." Anna Trustpilot

"Have been using cheeky wipes products for years and love them. Very well made and reasonable prices for what you get. I’ve got baby wipes, reusable pads and period pants This time round I bought nappies. I’ve been using a well known all in one brand of nappy and it does the job generally but you can’t push it or they’ll leak. I wanted to try the cheeky doo doo nappies and bought the starter kit. They’re sooooo absorbent, fit really well and are really easy to use for an already set up cloth nappy user. The only negative I would have is that a couple of spots on the inside of the main bamboo nappy have bleached the charcoal to pink where my sons poo has leaked off of the stay dry liner. Unfortunately this happened after 3 uses of the nappies. I’m not sure why only the main nappy part as poo has got on the booster as well and that hasn’t bleached. Although it has effected the appearance slightly, it hasn’t effected the product and to a certain extent, you expect them to not look perfect after constant use. Despite this, I would highly recommend them. Their design is fantastic and my son has never leaked in them, even if I’ve pushed it!" Trustpilot Review

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