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Bum wiping habits #3 - make your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe

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You might not know this, but we do take your reviews seriously at Team Cheeky.  Every day we share, not only the best reviews from the previous day, but also any 'bad' ones (we don't see them as bad, we see them as an opportunity to improve things!).

We also share any that tickle our fancy.  laugh

We have had a few such reviews recently, all on our Trustpilot page and the BEST ones have been in relation to our toilet paper alternative kits.

This isn't the first time that I've blogged about it recently.  When lockdown kicked off and lots of people were panic buying loo roll, we also saw a MASSIVE increase in sales of our reusable toilet wipes kits.   Appalled by the thought of being reduced to wiping their bum with a newspaper (which to be fair, that's probably a step up for most of our newspapers in the UK), many people overcame their slight squeamishness to make the switch to reusable toilet paper.

''We got persuaded to try them as our daughters and grandchildren all use them.  The question from a four year old was 'where are your wipes Granny, you should be using them,  not toilet paper.' We would not go back now, great product!"

How reusable toilet wipes work

If this concept is new to  you (and I get that it might not be something that you think about often), then let's talk a little bit about how it works.  I've shared the animation for our reusable baby wipes kit below because the principle is the same - the difference between the two kits is that our baby wipes kit comes with two bags for using when out and about, the toilet wipes kit doesn't.

Our reusable toilet wipes kit is priced at £49.95 and contains:


Convince me.  I'm  happy with toilet roll, why should I swap to reusable toilet wipes?

Eco-alternative to toilet wipes

We have all seen the news footage of giant 'fatbergs' caused by a combination of fat being washed down our plugholes, in combination with all sorts of 'unflushables'.  These include baby wipes,  makeup removing wipes, kitchen roll, most 'flushable' wipes, tampons, condoms and sanitary pads.  Absolutely disgusting.

Switching to our reusable wipes will add only 6 additional loads of washing to your laundry bill for the year,  if 25 wipes are washed every other day as part of a mixed 7kg washload.  (Don't worry, you won't get lumps of poo in your washing machine!)

In addition, if you live in a rural area and have a cess pit or septic tank, switching to reusable wipes will mean that you don't have to have it emptied as often, saving you ££.

Reusable wipes leave you feeling properly clean and fresh

I'm going to plagiarise the comedian Chris Ramsey again.  If you get dog poo on your arm,  you wouldn't just wipe it off with a bit of toilet paper and leave it, would you?  No!  You'd wash it and switching to our reusable wipes means you'll be left feeling squeaky clean.  Even if you can't bring yourself to use reusable wipes for your first wipe, making your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe will leave you feeling clean and comfortable.  It's my understanding for for men, who tend to be hairier bummed than us ladies, this is no mean feat! 

And for ladies, using  cloth wipes means that you aren't left with tiny shreds of toilet paper in and around your undercarriage.  Which is brilliantly summed up in this piece of feedback....

"I'm loving the cheeky wipes alternative loo roll products so far - still maintain you should also market the older women age group (50+) in magazines etc as I've never felt so fresh and it's made a huge difference to my life (54).  They've made me a lot more confident in 'spur of the moment' occasions with my husband!!!"

If you have any questions, they please do feel free to email us.  We pride ourselves on talking poo, pee and periods all day every day, we have no shame and we all use Cheeky Wipes ourselves at home.