How to Wash Cheeky Cloth Baby Wipes

20 September 2013  |  Admin

FAQ:  How do I wash Cheeky Wipes?  Can I wash them with clothing or do I have to do a separate wash?

We get asked a lot, how do you wash the Cheeky cloth baby wipes? The process is actually quite simple, but it is really important that you get it right. We are going to take you through the process for washing bum wipes and hand & face wipes. 

Bum Wipes

If you use your Cheeky Wipes for bottoms, we recommend that you soak them first in our mucky box with teatree and lemon oil.  This means that the poo doesn't dry on and you're effectively pre-soaking the wipes.  Then you can wash them with whatever wash load you've got going on - we wash ours any where between a cold wash, but once a week we pop them in a 60c wash with towels or bedding.

If you use cloth nappies, you can dry or wet pail and wash them with your cloth nappies, using your normal nappy sanitising routine. 


Hands & Faces Wipes

If you're just using Cheeky Wipes for hands & faces, it's not necessary to soak your wipes (but of course you can do if you wish).  If you're like me and you use them to wipe down the table afterwards, make sure that you shake off any excess food into the bin and then pop in the washing machine to wash as normal.  

If you don't pre-soak, and have any particularly stained wipes with chocolate or spaghetti bolognaise for example, you might want to pre-treat with stain remover (if stains bother you on your wipes!)

Washing Products

Personally at Cheeky Wipes HQ we use an Ecoegg for washing as I have really sensitive skin which reacts to washing powder.  We also use a Magnoball to keep our clothes soft and protect the washing machine from limescale.  Don't ask me how it works but I can honestly say that my clothes don't have that 'cardboardy' feel any more.

You can wash your Cheeky Wipes with whatever washing products that you prefer, just make sure they don't contain bleaching agents as this can shorten the lifespan of your wipes.

See our next blog post for details on how best to dry your wipes.... 



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