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How to Wash Cheeky Reusable Wipes

Updated August 2023

Washing reusable wipes is actually pretty straightforward and as with many things with a baby,  you'll find it much easier if you get into a routine.  In this post, we'll summarise our 'reusable wipes washing and care instructions' but also answer a lot of questions which also come up on a daily basis!

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How do you wash reusable cloth wipes?

To wash reusable baby wipes:

  • pre soak in your mucky box (or quick rinse cycle)
  • wash with normal washload
  • wash between 30c and 60c (fabric dependent)
  • use normal detergent
  • add stain remover if necessary

Soak them first in our mucky box with teatree and lemon oil which is antibacterial and kickstarts the hygiene process.  This means that any solids poo doesn't dry in and you're effectively pre-soaking the wipes.  

Then you can wash them in the washing machine with whatever wash load you've got going on. 

If you're using our mesh bag insert, ensure the mesh bag is untied so that the wipes can come out for proper agitation in the washing machine.

There's no need to wash them separately unless they are extremely soiled.   We wash ours between 30c and 60c wash with towels or bedding.

If you use cloth nappies, you can dry or wet pail and wash them with your cloth nappies. It's fine to use your normal nappy sanitising product too. 

Drying your clean wipes is easy too. You can either line / air dry or use a tumble dryer.

"We were a bit apprehensive about reusable baby wipes but we thought we’d try them for our second baby since even if we use them for just 3 months they’d cost the same as disposables. Well we’re nearly 8 weeks in and are converted! They are amazing. Easier to clean than disposables, you only need one wipe even with poonamis! The cleaning in the wash with other clothes is simple and they come out like new. Because of the pre-soak container, there is no effect on the rest of the washing. Wish we’d discover them for our first baby too." Trustpilot Review

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To wash reusable wipes for hands & faces:

  • rinse / shake off any excess food
  • place straight in washing machine
  • wash with normal washload when ready
  • wash between 30c and 60c (fabric dependent)
  • use normal detergent
  • add stain remover if necessary

If you're just using Cheeky Wipes for hands & faces only, it's not necessary to soak your wipes in the teatree essential oil and mucky box. Of course you can do so if you wish. 

Always make sure and shake or rinse off any excess food, especially if you're like me and you use them to wipe down the table afterwards. 

Pop into the washing machine until you have a wash going on.

If you don't pre-soak, and have any particularly stained wipes with chocolate or spaghetti bolognaise for example, you might want to pre-treat with stain remover (if stains bother you on your wipes!)

"We love cheeky wipes, we’ve used them for everything with our first for the last couple of years (mealtimes, changes, bath, days out etc) and are just starting with our second this week. Highly recommend for quality, long lasting and easy washing." Trustpilot Review

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To wash reusable toilet wipes:

  • pre soak in the mucky box (or quick rinse cycle)
  • wash with normal washload
  • wash between 30c and 60c (fabric dependent)
  • use normal detergent
  • add stain remover if necessary

Follow the same instructions for washing reusable baby wipes above.

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What washing detergent to use with reusable wipes?

Just use whatever standard detergent you normally use. At Cheeky HQ we use a bio powder from Aldi which is also a 'Which' best buy. We found that eco-friendly washing powders didn't wash our clothes as well, which meant that they reduced the longevity of our clothing, so weren't really a sustainable choice.

If you use fabric conditioner you can use this with our wipes, no problem. Unlike cloth nappies, our wipes are soaked before use, so using fabric conditioner has no impact on cloth baby wipes.

In addition if you need a stain remover, we recommend Bio D.  It's ecofriendly and kind to clothes, keeping whites bright and colours don't fade. 

Can you wash reusable baby wipes with other clothes?

Yes, you can wash reusable baby wipes with other clothes.  If your reusable wipes are particularly soiled pre-soak them to loosen the dirt. Alternatively, use a quick rinse cycle to wash away any solids.

What temperature do you wash Cheeky Wipes?

If you're using Cheeky Wipes for hands & faces only, the temperature you should wash them is 30c or 40c. If you're using Cheeky Wipes for baby or adult bums, you can wash them up to 60c, however it's worth noting that only the white cotton wipes, white organic cotton wipes or natural bamboo wipes should be washed to this temperature.  ALL coloured wipes should be washed to maximum 40c.

Can you wash baby wipes in washing machine?

It's not advisable to wash disposable baby wipes in the washing machine, however reusable wipes can and should be washed in the washing machine.

Can you wash and reuse wipes?

Yes, you can wash and reuse cloth wipes, however disposable wipes should never be washed and reused.

How often do you wash Cheeky Wipes?

You should wash Cheeky Wipes when you have whenever you have a wash going on.  Ideally this would be every other day.  They can be washed daily, however the more you wash them the faster they will wear out.  Washing less often than every other day is not recommended.

How do you soften Cheeky Wipes?

Here's some ways to soften Cheeky Wipes:

  • wash with fabric conditioner
  • soak with a solution of white vinegar and water overnight
  • tumble dry them

it's fine to wash them with fabric conditioner as this has no impact on the absorbency of the wipes as they are soaked before use anyway.  Alternatively, soaking them with a cupful of white vinegar and water overnight will remove any limescale build up.

Tumble drying is another good way to soften your Cheeky Wipes and make them lovely and fluffy again!

Do you need to wash Cheeky Wipes before use?

It's not absolutely necessary to wash Cheeky Wipes before use as there is no need to build up absorbency. However it's usually good practice to wash anything you are putting on your baby once before use.

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About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. The range has developed organically over time to include more 'Simple Reusables' including reusable nappies, period pants and period pads too.

The Cheeky customer services team pride themselves on providing honest, friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long, helping people make the switch to reusables! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing environmentally friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.