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Period (and Pee) Protection and Postpartum

We've been changing people's lives (your words, not ours..but you do make us blush, proudly!) with our reusable Pants and Pads for years now. They support and comfort you with periods and pee, heavy flows and light days, when you're due to come on or suspect a day on a trampoline might lead to a little leak and you want to be covered for all eventualities.

Pregnancy at any time but especially the 3rd and 4th trimesters are no different. Our bodies are creating (and getting rid of, let's face it!) a lot of extra liquids of all kinds at this point.

Whether it's the "crikey this baby is trampolining on my bladder...I'm not sure I can be out and about without a loo in sight anymore" moments.

The post sweep leakage / not knowing when waters might break..and when or if they do, how heavy that could be...(hint : thankfully rarely quite so dramatic as the movies if you're prepping for Baby Number 1 and concerned).

The newborn days.....Heavy, sporadic, sitting on the sofa feeding a baby only to stand up and feel 'the gush' just as you thought it was dying down.... lochia.

Or even the '"when will my periods even return..i've no clue what my body is doing anymore!?!" days.


You might think making a big swap or lifestyle change amidst the fug of late pregnancy / early newborn days is madness. But you could also see it as brilliant timing.

So much change is happening anyway, why not give it a go?

After all, you'll get through a lot of whatever disposable you'd choose so reusables instantly save money, time, faff, as well as trips to the late night local shop to pick up supplies which we all know can go horribly wrong #fail.

After all, a thin flimsy disposable liner just won't stack up to post baby bleeding but sometimes that's all they might have on the shelves....eek. Been there.


You might have used the same protection in the past or even since you first started menstruating but - post birth - internal protection isn't recommended for the first few weeks to avoid infection and no one really fancies what looks and feels like an adult nappy so we created two options that loads of you (and we personally) rave about precisely for this time : our Pads (cotton or bamboo plush) or Pants (in a range of low, mid or high waisted styles).


Our Pads 

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pad Multipack

We often recommend these for the early days of parenthood.

Either in cotton for lighter days - perhaps towards the end of your postbirth bleeding, or obviously when periods return and are slightly more predictable and lighter.

Or bamboo plush  - as the picture above - which we tend to suggest for the immediate post baby heavy flows or lochia.

They're easy(ier) to change, super absorbent (particularly the bamboo plush), comfy and can even be popped in the freezer doused in witch hazel to chill and then pop in your pants to ease any stitches, bruising or generally swollen bits. Niiiiiice.

An easy switch, it's literally just a case of out with the olds (disposables), in with the new (reusable cloth), use them the same..and then reuse them.

Our pads come in different absorbencies and material types so worth having a think about what would work best for you and your body (especially considering what stage you're at) and of course we can always guide you too here.


Our Pants

Now available in sizes 4 to 24

When your body is starting to settle down a bit - bump readjusting, tenderness abating, scars recovering, a better idea of your clothes size - we then suggest the Pants, either alone or in combo.

You can obviously start with the Pants though key with these is to get sizing right so that they're snug enough to avoid leaks but not too snug that they're uncomfy (and we don't want you to have to buy pairs you'll grow out of a week later) which is why we tend to say go with the Pads.

If you're keen though we can always guide you on the Pants front too if you get in touch on Chat or via our questionnaire.

Our pants are breathable, comfortable, and the layer next to your skin made of fast wicking cotton which means they look and feel just like regular pants (even a bit sexier, dare we say).

BUT, as if that isn't enough, they are also

  • Designed with a minimum of 4 layers of built-in protection so you know you're sorted. Tick.
  • Chemical free so no nasties near our healing bits. Tick.
  • Quick to wash, dry and wear again meaning they're always to hand and never running out. Tick.
  • Slim enough to be easy to stash - in a changing bag when you're out pushing a pram or even your hospital bag so you've got room for much more useful things than a packet of disposables. Tick.
  • A brilliant alternative to disposables so you can do your bit to avoid sanitary waste going to landfill. Tick.

Yes there is such thing as post baby pants that are sexy...they're called Cheeky Pants. Pop them on, pull em up and get on with all the other doing wink

Our new Shapewear - Feeling Confident - works with your bodyshape and we think would be just the ticket and they're in testing currently, specifically for postnatal bodies and bleeding.

And we've also got another pair we're developing now with seam free material which could have even more 'give' for shifting bodyshapes and tender bits so watch this space...

In fact if you're nearing the 3rd or 4th trimesters and fancy being a tester for us, we'd love to hear from you too. Give us a shout on Chat or fill out this form and we'll get in touch.

Now available in sizes 4 to 24

Finally if it's other bits and bobs you're after for post baby days, you might not know we have a 4th trimester kit.

We've collated all the things you need to go reusable from Day 1, from pads to wetbags, from wipes to breast pads and boxes to soak it all in so that the thinking's been done for you.

Perfect for buying for yourself to stash as is in your hospital bag or even great as a gift for a friend (or even wishlisting for your own friends to buy you! You don't ask, you'll never know, hey!)

And what better gift to give (or self-gift) than a gift that keeps on giving laugh

4th Trimester Hospital Bag. Looking after your body post-partum with skin-friendly reusable cloth maternity Pads, wipes & breast pads from Cheeky Wipes

And finally if you're starting to think even further ahead to reusables once baby is home, we recently launched our cloth nappies and wraps individually or as bundles.

Cheeky Doodoo Bamboo Nappy

We trialled them with more than 100 families who wanted to make the switch to cloth nappies, or who already had and knew their stuff...and we're really proud of the nappy we've created.

One nappy to simpify the overwhelming amount of choice out there.

Poonami-proof and with super-soaker superpowers due to the super stretchy, super slim-fit, full bamboo nappy itself and wrap - in a choice of bold block colours or cute prints - to contain it all and give it even longer wear.

Lots of you are choosing it for overnight security and our Trustpilot scores speak for themselves with 4.5 out of 5 stars and counting.


But if you still need convincing about our nappies or indeed our period protection we offer our nappy trial bundle and your first pair of pants or first pad purchase with a 45 day money back guarantee.

Yep we're that confident you'll love them just like we and tons of you already do.

We can't wait to hear what you think!