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Top 6 Reusable Sanitary Pads

Reusable sanitary pads have a lot of benefits. First and foremost, they’re eco-friendly and plastic free. Single use products create heaps of landfill and burn through our planet's resources. It is estimated 4.3 billion sanitary protection items are used per year, can you imagine how much waste that creates?

Tampons and disposable sanitary products should always be binned, not flushed, but nevertheless they still end up in our sewers leading to marine pollution. This leads to the dirty products washing up on our beaches and ending in the stomachs of fish, turtles, seabirds and sea mammals.

It’s sad and disgusting.

It’s also worth noting the resources used to create single use products have a carbon footprint that is many, many more times than that of reusable pads over your lifetime. 


We are passionate about providing Simple Reusables. They’re better for the planet, better for your pocket and better for you! 

So, let’s discuss 6 of our products, taking a look at liners vs day and night pads. 


Disposable Panty Liners vs Reusable Day / Night Pads 


1. Period Cotton Liners

Suitable for lighter period days and mild incontinence, we introduce washable panty liners. They are approximately 22cm x 6cm and the cotton material tends to be cooler to wear, particularly useful in the summer months. It’s also a lot thinner if you prefer a more discreet pad. The cotton also helps the pad stay in place so it’s less likely to move around, giving you piece of mind. Not only more comfortable than single use liners, they’re much more absorbent too, the moisture is drawn into the pad so you feel fresher for longer. Who wouldn’t want that? 

2. Reusable Cotton Period Pads for day or normal flow

For most days of your period or incontinence, our luxury cotton cloth period day pads are suitable. Again, cotton is breathable making it cooler, it’s also thinner and more discreet. This pad has a leak proof cotton outer layer and two absorbent organic layers. Our cotton pads have light-medium absorbency levels, however this increases as they are washed and used. 


3. Reusable Period Pads - Heavy Flow / Night

If you’re having heavy periods, off to sleep or experiencing mild incontinence, these ones are for you. Like all of our cotton pads there is no fluorescence, formaldehyde, dioxins or any harmful chemicals that cause rash, irritation or itching. This provides that extra comfort you don’t get with single use products. At 28cm x 7cm, you can relax knowing you won’t be leaking. 

 Reusable Bamboo Sanitary Pads

4. Bamboo Cloth Panty Liners

These pads are bamboo plush material, made of bamboo viscose or charcoal microfleece (you decide), with a plush outer. As they’re manmade materials, they tend to be a little warmer to wear than the cotton pads, so bear this in mind. The bamboo plush is also slightly thicker and therefore more absorbent. Bamboo has a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breathe it potentially reduces the risk of yeast infections and discomfort! Choose the panty liner option for lighter period days or mild incontinence. 

5. Bamboo Cloth Period Day Pads

Choose from Charcoal Microfleece or Bamboo Viscose inner layers and a range of patterns. These are suitable for most days of your period and general incontinence. You’ll probably want these for the bulk of your time of month, whilst using the panty liners for those lighter days at the end. 


6. Bamboo Cloth Period Night Pads - Pads for heavy flow

For your periods, incontinence and maternity, these pads are highly absorbent for the heaviest of flows. Feel fresher for longer on long days where you’re constantly in the toilet changing your pads. Although our cotton ultra night pads do a fantastic job, if you suffer with heavy periods, we recommend the bamboo plush. 

>Whether you’re spotting lightly, or in full heavy flow, we have the reusable pads for you. Still looking for some advice in switching to reusable period protection? Don’t worry. Fill in our simple automated questionnaire as a brilliant place to start if you just want to get an idea of what you need NOW and for it to arrive in time for your next cycle. If you can wait a few days for a response, we also have a completely tailored questionnaire, answered by REAL people!