Top 10 uses for washable cloth baby wipes at home

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Washable cloth baby wipes have many, many uses. Here's the top 10 that we use them for(mostly at home) at Cheeky Wipes HQ:

Nappy changing - obviously as they're brilliant for removing poo and gently cleansing.

Kids Mealtimes - not just for cleaning mucky hands and faces but also for wiping down the area around. You can even soak our wipes in the mucky oil 'teatree and treatree lemon' oil solution to use specifically for cleaning the table and high chair. Even if your baby is out of nappies, they could still need their face wiped after mealtimes for many years (my 8 yr old still sometimes needs a Cheeky Wipe).

Adult Mealtimes - just like in a chinese restaurant, if you're eating something mucky with your hands (BBQ Ribs for example), it's a lovely idea to bring out some warm damp Cheeky Wipes for your adult guests. You can soak them in the water and lovely mucky oil solution with the fabulous lemony smell, then just microwave them to warm up for 10 or 20 seconds. Gorgeous.

Make-up removal - I've mentioned this before, but using a warm damp Cheeky Wipes and some olive oil makes an AMAZING make-up remover.

Dog Wipes - many people are switching to washable wipes to clean their mucky pups feet when they bring them in from a walk. Apparently they're also good for wiping poo-ey bottoms?!

Cooling Fever Wipes - If your LO has got a high temperature, laying a cool damp Cheeky Wipe on their hot brow can help bring their temperature down (and feels lovely too)

Teething chews - this one is very popular in our house. Take a clean, damp Cheeky Wipe or other washable cotton baby wipe and place in the freezer until good and cold. Remove and let your dribbly teething bubba chew away and soothe their sore gums.

Emergency Wipes in the car / buggy - I keep a stash of clean dry wipes in the car and in the bottom of my buggy. That way if I have any unexpected 'incidents' (travel sick children is the one occasion that springs to mind. Or the time my daughter was sick on a roundabout), I can deal with them easily, using them dry for absorbency or just damp with some water for cleaning.

'Incident' cleaning - Washable wipes are brilliant for cleaning up after 'incidents' around the home. Whether that is potty training related 'poo behind the sofa' type incident, or 'puke in the middle of the night' or 'random poo on mattress', Cheeky Washable Wipes will help clean that mess up quickly. Again, if they're soaked in water and the the mucky tea tree and teatree lemon oil solution, it's also anti-bacterial which is brilliant.

Snotty noses - our bamboo wipes are supersoft, particularly when dry and for this reason they make amazing nose wipers. I always have one or two tucked in my pocket when I've got the cold as they're so much more gentle than tissues on chapped, sore noses!Now, these are only the top 10 uses for Cheeky Wipes at HOME. There are quite a few more uses when you're out and about and travelling which we'll cover next week. In the meantime, please feel free to share and add any that you might have!

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