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Cheeky Reusable Fleece Nappy Liners - Cloth Nappy - 10 pack

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Product Details
  • Pack of 10
  • Heavy fleece liners sizes 30cm x 13.5cm

Use with our reusable nappy wraps and bamboo cloth nappies.

Cheeky Fleece Liners

Cheeky Fleece Liners have garnered immense popularity among our customers as go-to cloth nappy liners because they're super soft!

Renowned for their effectiveness in creating a dry layer and acting as an efficient barrier against waste, these liners boast thick, high-quality fleece while maintaining an affordable price point.

The beauty of fleece liners lies in their versatility—no need to fuss about the right side up, as they can be placed either way.

Keeping Baby's Skin Dry

Unlike disposable liners, washable nappy liners play a crucial role in allowing urine to pass through while preventing it from seeping back up, ensuring your baby's delicate skin stays dry and comfortable.

We don't recommend disposable liners as they are not flushable for for us it's more of a hassle to dispose of them than to chuck the fleece liners in the wash with the nappies. They're the fuss free option!

Compatible with Different Nappies

Designed to fit nappies sized from birth to potty.

Some nappies such as our Cheeky Pocket Nappies already come equipped with fleece lining. Others such as our two part bamboo nappies require the addition of Cheeky Fleece Liners as a separate layer for enhanced comfort and dryness.

The liners simply sit on top of the nappy, drawing moisture away from the skin and leaving your baby feeling dry and comfortable.

Usage and Care Instructions

Each nappy typically requires one fleece liner. These liners can be conveniently washed alongside your reusable nappies in the same wash cycle, eliminating the need for separate treatment.

As usual with reusable nappies avoid fabric softener, although these inserts can be tumble dried if necessary.

For more in-depth information on nappy liners, dive into our advice article titled "Understanding Nappy Inserts"

Liner Size

Our Cheeky fleece liners are approximately 15.5 x 30cm—perfectly tailored to fit one-size nappies. They're available in packs of 10.

Understanding the Fabric

Crafted from 100% polyester fleece—akin to fine clothing fleece—these liners ensure optimal comfort for your baby. Please note that prewashing the fleece a few times is necessary to allow liquid to pass through effectively.

I need more help...

That's not a problem. Our team have all used the products themselves and are well placed to advise on whatever you need. Just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help - we chat pee, poo and periods all day long!

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